Minca is a small town of five hundred inhabitants (660 meters above sea level), nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and lost among the lush vegetation. Is reached by a winding road of 14 miles from Santa Marta and is traversed in 25 minutes by car.

In 1980 in recognition of the tremendous value of the natural ecosystem is declared by UNESCO as “Reservation of Man and Biosphere”. Due to its characteristics the International Union for Conservation of Nature declared priority ecosystem for conservation in South America.

Center of Minca TownBringing coffee to townChurch of Perpetual HelpSatelit view of Minca (Google Earth)
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The mountains of the Sierra Nevada, covers a surface of 17.000 square kilometers and its snowy picks reach heights of 5.775 meters, it is the highest tropical mountain in the world. It has an almost complete spectrum of environmental conditions, of ecological niches, not alone from Colombia but out the whole tropical world.

Here you meet the tropical humid forest with trees of high heights - until of 40 m - and in several species. They are plenty lianas, palms, ferns i.e.
The fauna is still bigger with bears, deer's and smaller species like armadillos, hedgehogs, ocelots and monkeys. Thousands of birds, insects and butterflies, making concerts of songs, buzzing and hisses.

Minca has history and is an ecological paradise with the crystalline waters river Minca and its immense green vegetation that keeps under the earth the archaeological reminds of its ancestors.

This wonderful scene served in the past as the habitat of the Tayrona culture and today are found in the highland indigenous peoples belonging to Kággaba(Kogi), Ijka (Arhuaco), Wiwa (Arzario) and Kankuamo.

Minca has multiple lodging places, is the corner of painters, sculptors and artisans.