Cerro Kennedy, observation point the Sierra Nevada

At Cerro Kennedy there is a military base in operation, once you see this place, you can be sure that you have taken the right route.

Cerro Kennedy is a mountain located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta covered by a cloud forest from there.
The summit has an approximate altitude of 3100 snm at its highest point, at its highest point, and a temperature of 8 ° to 18 °. Really amazing views of the Sierra Nevada and the snow-capped peaks of Bolívar and Colon, the city of Santa Marta, the inlets of the Tayrona National Natural Park and the entire mountainous system that makes up the Sierra Nevada.

Truly a unique vision (if you have any luck with the clouds).
During the tour endemic and migratory endemic birds of the Sierra Nevada were observed.

Pozo Azul Minca Acceso Pozo Azul Minca Pozo Azul Minca Pozo Azul Minca

In the morning it's very cold. But it's worth getting up early to contemplate such a spectacle of nature, taking away the breath of such beauty: the snow-capped peaks of Bolívar and Colón can be seen in all their splendor, as well as the thick mountain range of the southwest face of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: that biodiversity paradise of 17,000 square kilometers that begins at sea and is crowned at 5,775 meters.

There are several options to organize the trip, depending on your budget and how much exercise you want!
There is permission to camp with your tent.

cerro kennedy sierra nevada
Environmental pollution?
The horror of the antennas ... even in the Kennedy Hill ... any corner of the planet is being invaded by telecommunications antennas !!
Map how to walk to Cerro Kennedy

This is the Santa Elena hostel , which offers you this place as a nature destination, by your visit to Cerro Kenndy, if you plan to do so for several days.

Hosel Santa Helena
What should you wear?
  • - Boots for mountain.
  • - Clothing for cold weather.
  • - Sunblock.
  • - Repellent for mosquitoes. If possible, use ecological repellents.
  • - Small backpack.
  • - Camera.
  • - Personal drugs.
  • - Flashlight with Batteries.
  • - Long pants
  • - Cash
Fron Cerro Kennedy
  • - Important to be in good physical conditions. (Walks to Zero Kennedy require physical exigency).
  • - It can be done by all kinds of people as long as you are sure of a good state of health.
  • - Take care and respect what you find.
  • - All the objects that you bring to the mountain you must return them.
  • - When you are on the walks, you should NOT scream or make strange noises.
  • - Do not damage or mark natural or cultural assets.
The mountains of the sierra Nevada

More to visit in the Sierra Nevada

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