The stones of the river Gaira in Minca

las piedras de mincaVisit very recommended and easy from the center of Minca.
It is a beautiful place where the stream from a waterfall meets the river Gaira, so there are two water sources. As you arrive you will find the water of the stream on the left, which offers you some isolated places where you can bathe.
Crossing a small bamboo bridge and walking through the stones to the left, you will reach a point from which you can jump into the water from different places.
Depending on the level of the water, there are some rocks that you can use as a slide.

Mapa camino las piedras minca

What to wear?

Swimsuit, insect repellent, sunscreen, camera, drinking water to consume. In this place you can find places where you can get food.



Make appropriate use of natural resources, respect the fences that demarcate private property, no campfires, avoid hunting, damaging or removing species of flora and fauna present in the area and bring the waste generated during your stay back to Minca to arrange it correctly in the trash cans.

Visit POZO AZUL in Minca

The most famous of all the "attractions" is undoubtedly the Pozo Azul, a natural formation nestled in these mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which serves as a pool of fresh and freezing water