Road to Pozo Azul

Landscapes, crystalline waters and a great variety of flora and fauna are part of this beautiful place.

A natural formation nestled in these mountains of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, which serves as a pool of fresh and freezing water.

Pozo Azul takes its name from the refraction of the solar spectrum that in celestial tones are observed in the waterfall, the spark of water with the beams of light penetrate through the branches of immense trees. It is frequent to find pilgrims and tourists from the interior of the country, the coasts of Colombia and other countries, especially santeros and gnostics from Cuba and Venezuela.

In this place the water of the river is very cold, therefore frequently visitors are observed who come for hydrotherapy massages and are known cases of people with different degrees of paralysis or patients of Guillen Barré who testify that they owe their cure to Contrast of intense cold in river currents and extreme temperature.

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Map route Minca - Pozo Azul

HOW TO GET TO Pozo Azul?

A Pozo Azul can be reached in 31 minutes by the road that leads from Minca to El Campano. Because the access to the well is through a restricted private road, vehicles must be left at the entrance or site known as "Puerta de María Teresa" and from there you should undertake a walk of about 5 minutes.


Swimsuit, insect repellent, sunscreen, camera, drinking water to consume. In this place you will find places where you can get food.


Make proper use of the natural resource, respect the fencing that demarcates private property, do not make fires, avoid hunt, damage or extract species of flora and fauna present in the area and bring the garbage generated during their stay back to the Minca to Dispose of it correctly in the trash cans.

People who enjoy all the beauty of this place should try to take care of it as much as possible, because they often leave the waste and do not collect it, which affects the environment of the area and gives a negative aspect to all visitors who come to Enjoy a nice day.

Visit the Stones of Minca

It is a nice place where a stream coming from a waterfall meets the river Gaira, so there are two water sources.