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The trees

"We live in the world when we love it"
Rabindranath Tagore

Los Arboles

Trees are the lungs of the Earth. This phrase we have heard and read hundreds of times, we have seen well documented in the Discovery Channel programs that show us, with an excellent film production, the last forests that our planet still has. Even in the school biology texts of our children and grandchildren, the Amazon still appears as the lung of the world.

And the question is: have we internalized this reality?
We have become aware when we utter these phrases mentally.

To get into the matter did you know that it takes twenty-five trees to cover the daily oxygen demand in the life of a human being?

There is enough information on Google about the importance of trees for our immediate survival.

Today, after millions of years, the trees continue to scatter us in hundreds of species, inhabiting an important part of the earth, allowing according to climates and environments a healthy coexistence with other species such as birds and other wild animals. For many of them it is their home.

These wonderful beings that inspire us and connect us with heaven provide us with magical, healing and spiritual energy. It has been proven that a twenty minute walk through a forest helps us heal several of our physical and emotional imbalances, caused by the amount of radiation we are subjected to in our modern daily life.

Trees take rainwater, receive rays from the sun and minerals from the soil, strengthening their roots until they reach great heights, thus being able to survive for hundreds of years.

A mature tree can absorb about six tons of carbon dioxide a year.

The thousands of trees that accompany us and embellish our surroundings, give an altruistic and generous benefit, an example of the purest unconditional love, for that reason, we must learn to live with them in harmony and respect as did our ancestral cultures.

It is recommended that before you plant a tree, you will know what your roots will be, how much they will grow, how much water and light they will need, and what the ideal weather conditions will be for a long life.
Not all environments are suitable for all types of trees.
When we prune them we never remove the glass because without leaves they will die, since that is where they keep their food and the antiseptic substances that help him to heal the wounds.

Climate change or better called global warming is the greatest threat of this century, with consequences not only environmental but also social, cultural and economic.

The planetary call to create a more prosperous, wiser world involves a change of consciousness about the role that trees play in our lives. For this reason, this great crusade for its immediate care has to be received with great urgency by the big corporations that are today, responsible for the evident deterioration of the biodiversity. We all have to work to raise the level of understanding of the importance of conservation of our ecosystems.

Let us prepare ourselves to care for, conserve and plant more trees and continue to be part of this ancestral union that has taught us that each tree has a spirit connected to the sky that protects and guides us during our life.

This time is the resumption of a friendly and reliable relationship with nature respecting its cycles, its courses and ensuring this from pollinating to planting seeds of large trees that in the years to come will be the forests that will host the communities that will give Lives to future generations. It is a priority that we approach an ancestral vision of the existence of the tree and its protagonism with the future and speaking of future I borrow the words of Aldo Alkai on planetary responsibility:

The future demands that we each assume an increasingly broad responsibility in the midst of a land still too fragmented. It expires for ever that "Save who can ...!", "Win, triumph who can!" ... which made life unsustainable, which put us on the verge of the collective abyss. The diabolical drift of thinking only in first person has called into question the future of the planet and humanity. It is now a question of rehearsing what has never been proved on a grand scale: putting collective interests before personal ones, thinking about the benefit of the community rather than the own. Not to live only for us and ours, but to become each other's guardians, in custodians of the global community. "

Two years ago, Morales already enacted a law that grants "rights" to Mother Earth or Pachamama as if it were a person, including the right to life, diversity, water, clean air, balance, Restoration and living free of pollution.

We believe that we must follow this example and go a little further and return to the old belief of our ancient wise cultures, who saw in the forest the abode of the gods, wise and supernatural beings who protected and cared for all evil or Some danger.