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SOS for the church of Minca

The temple of the parish Our Lady of Perpetual Help suffered several damages over time, for this reason several parishioners took the initiative to fix it, but resources are needed.

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Glamping a new way of camping, now in Minca

... Numerous glamping projects, also called 'Glamurous Camping', are currently being developed in Minca and demand, along with the offer, tend exponentially to growth, according to entrepreneurs in the sector.

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Limpieza Minca

Community wants to finish installing the roof of the Church

With a gesture of will, the inhabitants of the corregimiento of Minca, seek to rebuild the roof of the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in view that was about to collapse.

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Limpieza Minca

They will install signaling in areas of risk of the spas in Minca

The Office for Risk Management and Climate Change of Santa Marta (Ogricc), led by the Samarian Neighborhood Committee (Cobasa) and members of the Sectional Magdalena Red Cross, made an inspection visit to the village of Minca, for the identification of possible risk scenarios to which residents and tourists could be exposed, in the spas that are in the area.
Source: El informador Santa Marta

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Limpieza Minca

Minca visitors are sensitized to preserve the river

An invitation to enjoy the ecosystems under the premise of protecting the water resource through good management of solid waste, makes the Metropolitan Police of Santa Marta through its group of environmental and ecological protection to visitors who come to Minca.
Source: Hoy diario del Magdalena Santa Marta

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