People of Minca

People of Minca

Jungle Joe

The tourist guide of Minca and the Sierra

Who is Joe?

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Joe Ortiz is a barranquillero that dedicated for several years to rent clothes of gala in Barranquilla. It was the favorite of the partners of the most important social clubs and characters of the show. City stress triggered their cravings for eating and became overweight 40 pounds.

One day he decided to come to Minca to enjoy a vacation, motivated by several friends who told him about the wonders of this small town whose houses look like a cluster of fruit hanging from the slopes of the Sierra.
He never returned to the cement jungle. He bought a piece of land and built a house of guadua where he lives with solar energy, sleeping in a kind of 'camaca', a hybrid of bed and hammock invented, built in guadua by him, hanging from the ceiling and with the slightest movement Of the body oscillates and induces a pleasant rest.

Joe not only got rid of the stress and the pounds of more but never has become ill again even from the flu. He is now an athletic man who walks the ecological trails around Minca, guiding his friends tourists on a tour that includes a didactic walk through organic coffee and cocoa crops, a delicious bath in a hot waterfall, few Birds, especially hummingbirds, toucans, parrots, macaws, carpenters and tiles, which abound in this territory.

Joe is passionate about protecting the natural environment and preserving wildlife.

Now spend with his family full time to be guide with its own restaurant to serve tourists and birding enthusiasts.
He has its bamboo Ecolodge to host its clients in a beautiful place far from noise, where only birds and the north wind are heard.

Adventures with Jungle JOE

Full day Joe Minca

Full Day Minca Tour

  • Visit the lost waterfall
  • Trekking
  • Canyoning
  • Coffee Tour
  • Chocolate Tour
  • Indigenous house and medicinal uses of coca plant
  • Lunch prepared by chef jungle joe at his bamboo house
  • Pick up at 8:30 AM and bring you back at 5:30 PM
  • Prices: $110.000 P/P
Coffee Tours Joe Minca

Coffee Tours

Coffee is Colombia's finest product and Minca has some of the best organic coffee in Colombia.
On the tour, you will take part in the journey which takes place from the seed to the cup.

You will visit an organic FINCA, which is a type of coffee farm known around Colombia and this region.

You will taste the coffee and learn about the process of growing and harvesting the purest coffee.

Birdwatching Joe Minca


We have a birdwatching tour that starts every day at 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
We can tailor your tour whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced birdwatchers.
This is your great opportunity to see the amazing diversity of birds in the Minca area.
Prices: 3 hour tour is $30,000 P/P in Minca area. We do this tour with at least 2 people.
(We provide binoculars, guidebook and 35 years of Jungle Joe's birdwatching experience. Just bring your watchful eyes and prepare to be mesmerized by astonishing array of colors).

Canyon Tubing Joe Minca

Canyon Tubing

Vertiginous descent by the rapids of the river, that raises the adrenaline to the maximum.

They are forty minutes on board specially designed floats, bouncing between stones, but protected by helmets, which has prevented accidents so far.
This is what is called 'Canyon Tubing Adventure' and has become the fashionable activity in Minca..

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