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Conserving heritage.

"Setting an example is not the main way to influence others; it's the only way."
Albert Einstein


MINCA, Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, Colombia is my website, to make known an ecological and unique place in the mountain of Santa Marta that anyone would fall in love like I did since more than twenty years.

However, the people and their surroundings urgently need special attention because it was subjected to the most ruthless and voracious predation, as a result of the bad treatment that people gave to their environment, to the environment that gave them life. Erosion took over much of the hills, large strips of land were cleared and forests felled, causing irreversible damage to wildlife, water sources, soils and the environment in general.

It seems that it was not very useful for Minca to be in the heart of an important coffee-growing nucleus, so that the country and the government authorities could look at it differently and prevent the cultivation of crops in which no precautions were taken to avoid contaminating the watersheds. The rivers or deteriorate the exuberant vegetation and then, closing all the possibilities that allowed the substitution of coffee for illegal products, which brought with it, besides glyphosate and the inevitable environmental ruin, the most dissimilar manifestations of violence.

Fortunately this situation has changed. It is evident in the colorful gardens, the dampness of the countryside, the singing of the birds and the sunshine between the foliage but above all, in the spirit of the Minqueros, in the desire they express to recover it, preserve it and convert it Today in a self-sustaining ecological tourism center.

We hope that you, when visiting this paradise, respect the rules of ecological tourism so that future generations can also enjoy it.