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Restaurant BURURAKË

With his Parrilla Fusión, he invites you to enjoy an afternoon in a wonderful place surrounded by an exotic flower environment with the excellent cuisine of chef / owner Sergio Torres Blanco. It serves some successful dishes à la carte. The terrace overlooks the Gaira river.
The specialty of the house is the grill type Argentine, loins in tropical fruit sauce.

100m from the church, road to the river
(+57) 315 515-3432 y 314 507-0084


Restaurant with terrace towards the Gaira river, there is also a bar.
Specialty in Spanish Mediterranean cuisine
Paellas and seafood
Wines and Sangria

Dietary menus (upon request)

50 meters from central square
(+57) 312 342-1221 y 314 769-9784


The restaurant is one of the best being its specialty Italian food, grilled meats and fabulous dishes of local and international cuisine.
From the terrace you can directly access the river to swim and relax.
RNT 25982

Avenida El Río, 300mts from the church
(+57) 321 522-1292

Restaurant YUKIYU

It is a cozy restaurant, where you can enjoy a good meal and a beautiful landscape, bordered by the river Minca, includes down to the river.
Breakfast: Continental, American, Colombian, Pancakes, Eggs, Meats and Pancakes.
Lunches: Meats, Chicken, Fish and Pasta.

center, main square
(+57) 318 863-3206

Restaurant CASA CRISTI

Gourmet kitchen
Delights with the best gourmet food and Argentine grill.
You can find a wide variety of dishes: pasta, chicken, fish and lunch, in a warm and peaceful atmosphere

Cr 3 # 8-58 (before the soccer field)
(+57) 317 340*8106

Restaurant SHAGU

The view and the place are incredible, a restaurant in the middle of nature in a magical place, the ideal place to rest and enjoy good food
Peruvian Cuisine, Cajun and Creole, Asian, South American and Colombian

Within ECOHABS, 300 meters from the center
(+57) 301 359-7315


It has private parking, hikes with horses, yo can spend a great time with your family.
A paradise in the middle of nature, connect with the world around you while you enjoy the ones you love the most. RNT

take the road up near the police station
(+57) 318 772-7720


Gourmet kitchen
ASADOS - meat and fish
SPAGHETTI OR SHORT PASTA - in sauce, with vegetables, Bolognese lasagna, cannelloni
wines and beers

climbing 100 meters per street before the police
(+57) 317 669-2384

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