Coffee with aroma of Sierra, Minca old coffee center

From 1741 coffee was planted in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, although the greatest expansion of the coffee cultivation of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta occurred between 1895 and 1915.

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The farms El Carmen de Minca and La Victoria were from the first plantations, followed by Cincinnati. Minca, Onaca, María Teresa and El Recuerdo. On another aspect, Jirocasaca, Onaca y Manzanares. In Fundación, F.Cothinet.
Almost all of foreign companies or families.

Before the cultivation of coffee, it was sugar cane. Then colonists came from the interior of Colombia and from other countries that were populating and renovating this land. It should be noted that the splendor of the coffee was the result of English, German, French and American businessmen trapped by the goodness of the Sierra Nevada.

The coffee influence in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta extended through the middle basins of the Tapias, Ranchería, Badillo, Guatapurí, Aracataca, Frío, Sevilla, Ariguaní, Córdoba, Gaira and Manzanares rivers, all around the Sierra Nevada.

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Some coffee farms located in these watersheds have a trailer and a medium vehicular frequency. Populations such as Minca, San Pedro de la Sierra, Palmor, Chimila, Pueblo Bello, Caracolí, Tomarrazón and Mingueo, among others, became the epicenter of coffee and agricultural activity around the Sierra Nevada.

The coffee production in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is characterized by being planted under dark trees with average densities of 4,850 plants per hectare, technology appropriate to the mono modal climatic condition (a dry period from January to April) that concentrates the harvest among the Months of October and February. Coffee production has large grains, thanks to the constant presence of rains between flowering and maturation of the fruits, which favors the higher price transferred to coffee growers.

According to data from Prosierra, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta contributes approximately 2 percent of coffee production in Colombia. The coffee crop of the Magdalena, which is for the 12 million kilograms, strengthens the market for the 'special coffees' of Colombia for its quality and production conditions. Nearly 18,000 hectares located in the foothills of the Sierra, in the municipalities of Santa Marta, Ciénaga, Aracataca and Fundación, are in charge of producing a variety of coffee that is classified among the mildest in the world.


Arhuaco coffee Minca It is one that maintains the special origin of Colombian coffee, does not have an added value or an over price, is marketed under the technical standards of the National Federation of Coffee Growers for quality and price qualification.


Coffee of Origin

They are high quality coffees, whose marketing strategy is associated with the place where coffee is produced, associated with common quality conditions. In this group there are the following types, Regional Sierra Nevada, Regional Treasure of the Andes, Regional Typical Perija and Regional Bolivar.

Sustainable Coffees

They are high quality coffees, which are produced and marketed with practices associated with the concepts of sensitivity for the environment, this Group has the following types, Rainforest Sierra Nevada, Organic Sierra Nevada, Organic Asoprosierra.

Coffees with Social Responsibility or Economic Equity

The program works to improve market access and trading conditions for small producers and workers on agricultural plantations.

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Minca appears in the 18th century ...
Its history based on writings, documents and notarial acts of Santa Marta and Magdalena

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