Nevada Brewery, Minca

Nevada Brewery originated in early 2014 in a room of a house in Minca, among friends.
The home trial evolved quickly thanks to the acceptance of the product that they were managing to bottle.

Nevada bottelsIn June they had clear that should need expantion of the installed capacity, so they decided to capitalize and assemble a complete brewery that would allow make a craft beer of Prim quality with high production standards.
They sought to mount the plant. It should be in Minca, to be able to make it with water from the Sierra Nevada, since a beer is almost entirely the result of the water used. So the decision was not that difficult. They settled in an old chapel in Hacienda Museum VICTORY and beer is brewed with mineral water, pure spring that born in this hacienda, which comes from the very heart of Nevada.

The result, an excellent product manufactured by a master brewer, today Jonathan Köhberger, who came from Germany to perfect the quality of the product.
Beers, Happy Tucan (The best Red Ale), Happy Jaguar (a delicious golden Pils) and Happy Hummingbird (Pale Ale type) are made with mineral water of the mountains, barley malt imported from a famous malt house in Germany, for its excellent quality standards, with the best yeast for each type of beer and flower of hops to feint it.

In the Nevada brewery no chemicals are used in beer, natural carbonated and beer is bottled after patiently waiting for it to mature and ready to consume. It's a passion brewery (see video) .

They expect you in their facilities, in this wonderful corner of the world to try it, and if you travel to Minca please do not stop taking the ONLY local beer of the region.
We hope you enjoy this product as much as they enjoy making it, maturing it and of course taking it.

   Hacienda la Victoria (6 km from Minca)
 Visits from Monday to Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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